Friday, January 4, 2013

Thrift stores are a bibliophiles playground

While on vacation, I had finished both of the books that I brought with me.

bought in a thrift store
in The Dalles
Borrowed from a friend
I found myself needing a new book to round out my vacation. I went to the local Savers (Value Village) and picked up these 5 books:

Homecoming is the first in a series that I read in middle school. I think I have a fascination with "journey" stories, because this book always stuck with me. I never remembered what it was called but the other day, I ran into the second book in the series, Dicey's Song in a different thrift store. I figured if I remembered it this many years later, it might be worth reading again.

I also picked up The Other Bolyen Girl, Prodigal Summer, The New Kid on the Block (will be a present) and French Women Don't Get Fat. The grand total? Under 12 bucks for 5 books!


I also ran into these books, but didn't grab them.

Other books that I frequently run into (including yesterday) include Harry Potter series books and Twilight series books.

The next time you need a new book, check your local thrift store first. You might be surprised by what you find!

Have you found any great literary "scores" out there? Any book you'd be particularly pleased to find in a thrift store but just never have?