Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So, at the end of last week, my colleague and good friend, Gregg asked me a question every thrifter loves. "Where do I find _____?" In this case, the ____ was a vest. He had a wedding to attend and didn't want to wear a full jacket but wanted to still look sharp. I've never really paid much attention to whether or not some of my favorites carry men's vests, but I gave him the low-down (probably gave him way more info than he wanted) on where I would look. Later that evening, he sent me this email:

4 Vests for 27 bucks! A Banana Republic merino wool, a faux leather button snap, a paisley and this brown one! Thanks Value Village, Goodwill, and of course thrift fashion connector Terra!
A handsome man with some handsome vests.

Glad to help, Gregg. What great finds!

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