Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrift store quickie

Capris in brown, gray, green and a
gorgeous light blue. (picture doesn't
do the color justice, obviously...)
Guys, I screwed up. Pretty big. I packed really wrong for our trip to Vegas. I had seen the weather reports on my phone (I may or may not have bragged to my coworkers about the ridiculous 80s and 90s weather we'd be having.) I think I paid for that bragging by being stupid about how I packed for the trip. I packed 1 pair of capris, 2 pairs of pants and t-shirts. No tanks, no hiking shoes, not nearly enough capris... *sigh* Oh yeah, I didn't pack any reading material, either. Yeah, I just packed poorly.

So... enter the thrift store! Luckily for me, the thrift Gods smiled upon me today. Sorry for the quality of this photo (I neglected to pack my "good" camera, too.... *double sigh*!) I scored myself 4 pair of capris and 2 books. The grand total? $20.26!!! Awesome...

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