Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Calling all math nerds

Don't you just LOVE seeing the antique versions of everyday things? It never even occurred to me that there were calculators, before there were calculators (not counting abacuses-I knew they existed!)

I remember my friend, Sarah, learning how to use a slide rule as a project in math when we were younger. I had never heard of the Addiator, though. Much less, seen one.

This find comes to us from my friend and colleague Melissa. When I told her I had finally started my second blog, after years of wanting to, she immediately mentioned this find that her friend had stumbled upon and snatched up (no Thrift Regret here!) Luckily Melissa and her friend were happy to share the find with us. I love some of the instructions that you can read in the photo. Made of long lasting metal!

Do you have a thrift find that you want to share? If so, email me a pic and a short description at thriftadrift@gmail.com

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