Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ernie the Eagle

You may have noticed that the mascot for this blog is a suited eagle. That's Ernie. I wish I could say that I bought Ernie when I had the chance. Alas, I did not. (Ernie is a Thrift Regret...) Maybe some day we'll meet up again. Until then, he'll keep you company while you're here.

This rare shot of Ernie was taken back when I didn't have my super fancy "Thrift Find" capturing technology (iPhone) and the photo really wasn't that great. (Another reason I wish I would have just bought Ernie all those years ago, but I digress...) So, my ridiculously talented co-worker, Danielle did some of her Photoshop black magic on Ernie and improved him immensely (as can be seen below.) Thanks, Danielle!
Before (below) and after-quite a
difference, huh? I also decided to be
a beggar and a chooser and asked her to
enhance the pinstripes (as can be seen
in the top photo.)

If you have some graphics work or photoshopping that needs to be done, you might consider Dany. She's AMAZING! (I asked her for a link to a portfolio, but she said she needs to update it. Until then, message me if you need to get in touch with her.)

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